Hermann transcended into real life. He will always be with me.

Hermann and his attitude translated into Real Life


No ready lawn

In connection with my last post, regarding the grass; of course it is not allowed to use prims that others have created and sold. How stupid and naive can I be?

It is quite easy finding a 3D mesh for all kinds of other plants. Grass, however, is so sought after, that a search always points to someone who wants to sell grass – not give the mesh away. I have also come across the most beautiful particle grass on my wanderings on the virtual meadows. All ready lawn, for sale. The solution might be to to choose a grass replacement. We will see ūüôā¬†

From 900 prims to 280

I did not realise that the land impact was the factor – not the number of objects. I had just gone berserk copying a grass texture. Since it is exam time, I had no time to create a mesh for grass myself, so I ended up paying L$300 for a grass sculptie. Deleted more than 600 grass prims, and replaced them with 6-7 grass sculpties. Done

The build – Self evaluation

I¬†don’t¬†like assessments
Everyone knows – I don’t like assessments. You look at the guidelines, and it seems to be pretty straight forward. You just do what you are asked to do. But for some reason, when I enjoy doing something I look at the guidelines first, and then the whole processes is running and I often get sidetracked, with something that isn’t accessed at all – but I find it very useful to me, my learning, the future, society in general – you name it. Or I think it is just fun. Or both.

I am wasting time from an assessment point of view.

When I return from the wild domains of academics and look at my assessment sheet, I am not entirely sure that I did what I was expected to do. But I tick off the boxes and cross my fingers.

A minimum of 50 and a maximum of 300 prims used in the construction  V

‚óŹ At¬†least¬†three¬†different¬†primitive¬†types¬†(i.e.¬†Sphere,¬†Torus,¬†etc.)
‚óŹ At¬†least¬†four¬†different¬†forms¬†of¬†prim¬†manipulation¬†(i.e.¬†Cut,¬†Twist,¬†etc.)¬†V
‚óŹ The¬†use¬†of¬†different¬†textures¬†and¬†colours¬†throughout¬†the¬†build¬†with
consideration given to using appropriate textures, texture repeats, offsets
and rotations  V
‚óŹ At¬†least¬†two¬†different¬†texture¬†manipulations¬†(i.e.¬†Glow,¬†Shininess,¬†etc.)¬†V
‚óŹ The¬†appropriate¬†use¬†of¬†multiple¬†textures¬†on¬†a¬†prim¬†V
‚óŹ The¬†appropriate¬†scale¬†for¬†purpose¬†both¬†in¬†construction¬†and¬†texture¬†use¬†V

Visual complexity must display at least SIX of the following
1. A scripted change in colour
2. A scripted change in texture
3. The use of at least three textures with transparency V
4. An animated texture V
5. An instance of a prim with Flexible Path
6. An instance of a prim with Light V
7. Prim movement through scripting V
8. The use of at least two sculpties V
9. An appropriate particle system V

According to this, I should be all right. But I shamelessly copied, borrowed and altered others creations, especially when it comes to fulfilling the requirements above. You never really know, do you?

And then there is the reflections on the blog. I have been lucky so far, that my assessors like my crazy postings. But they are crazy, no doubt about that. And how do you reflect a building process in a blog? Should I really mention all the stupid things that I tried, that did not work? Or all the hours I was doing something really, really simple – and could not make it work. All the time I have wasted looking up something on the Internet – that I didn’t use anyway.

I know what you will say – how can we know how good you are, if there is no assessment?
And how would we know that you have done some work – without an assessment?

I think I have some ideas. But this is not the time or place ūüôā

And no, I am not blaming my teachers. Which is a very bad idea to do in an assessment, anyway.

What I did that worked
I did a lot of thinking and reflection over some questions that I find fundamental for being present in SL and what kind of content and activities that make sense to have in SL. Some of it will hopefully be reflected in my build. A fraction of it would be written in this blog.

On a non-technical level I experienced what SL has to offer, when it comes to sharing ideas and creations. I not only looked around, in SL and the SL blogs, I also approached residents personally and asked them for favors and advice. I big thank you to residents on Alki, Fred Frederix and Kriss Lehmann. SL is like a big cloud of energy – I have mainly experienced the positive parts of it.

At the end of the day, my building was just throwing a few rocks up in the air. I made technical excursions into the world of GIMP and Blender (software) and practical excursions into my own native bush to be able to do that. And you wouldn’t even know it, because I was discharging most of my material, because I was running out of time.

On a more superficial level, I once again experienced how much SL is different from reality and even CGI. What I have as my ideal for a build from the beginning could of cause not be achieved in SL – at least not for me, with my very limited experience and skill. But not only that. I think, that if I had tried to replicate the CGI image I was posting first, it would have been a poor replication. As far as I can see, there is inevitably a certain ‘comic’ feel to SL. Even with the most excellent designs. And it is ok.
I even like it.


Status of the building

Snapshot_001It was cold this morning. I have had the fire going most day, and worked on my plan. It does really take longer than expected.
I think I have everything sorted now.
I have particle scripts, textures, and some mesh.
I have worked with GIMP to create my own textures and tried Blender to create my own 3D stuff (tutorials online).

I even had a¬†Pandora Shrinking Plant donated from the very generous, self confessed geek, Fred Frederix. I still can’t believe that I missed his presence, when I first visited the wonderful Phaze Demesnes (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Phaze%20Demesnes/227/166/23) – so long time ago, when I was totally new to SL.

Anyway, I have to be certified to upload mesh files – and all that stuff. But I am getting there.

I spend most of the day, customizing those particle scripts, so they look just remotely realistic. But believe it or not – I am getting good at it.

The build plan is slightly downscaled now. I will drop the waterfall, and just make sure that I meet requirements. Such a shame how assessment takes some of the fun out of it.

Keep you updated ūüôā